How to Assess Your Hosting Requirements

By | November 18, 2017
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Basic Requirements

The basic requirements for web hosting include diskspace allocation, bandwidth allocation plus scripting environment and database. For hosting experts, you may consider skipping this article but for someone new to web hosting, please read through.


Diskspace in web hosting service refer to the amount of data stored on the provider’s server. A typical website, for example 10 pages and a few images, will require less than 10 MB diskspace.

While diskspace is a important part for consideration of the hosting provider, we do not recommend you going for providers offering more than 100 GB diskspace. There is a limit to the speed at which data can been transferred out of the server’ hard disks. If there are too many users accessing the hard disk, you may experience slower speed when accessing your host provider’s website.

Monthly Bandwidth

Bandwidth usually refer to the maximum amount of data (bits/second) that can be transmitted at any time. For web hosting, usually we used the term “monthly bandwidth” to measure the amount of data that your account used in a month. If the size of the website is 1 MB and there are 5000 visitors for the month, you will need at least 5 GB bandwidth just to support these visitors.

Scripting Environment and Database

If your website requires a form to be sent to your email, you need to use a script. If you collect customer data to be stored on the server, you will need a database. Any software script, content management script and blogger script will require a database.

Download Time

The basic objective of a website is to generate traffic for the user and of course higher revenue. If a website take more than 5 seconds to load, your visitors will not be too happy. You must not make your website files “too large” for the visitors and also you must not choose a web hosting provider where your website loads slowly.

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